Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and we will assist you to do that. In order to fly in Australia you will require a validation of your foreign licence or an Australian Pilots Licence. We ensure this process is as seamless as possible by handling the licence application on your behalf. This will all be done before you arrive in Australia as nobody likes paperwork during their holiday!
Prior to departing on your trip you will do a short flight with an instructor to assess your flying skills for hiring an aircraft. You will be licenced to fly VFR by DAY during your trip.

Australia is a large country (in fact a continent) and there is plenty to see. To really immerse yourself in the country and its people and culture we recommend tours no shorter than two weeks. Most of our set tours are two to three weeks long and we will design your tour length to suit you. We hope you stay long enough to pick up the accent!

We will customise your tour for you to suit your budget. Prices are based on the length of the tour, the standard of accommodation you choose, your preferred aircraft type and the number of people in your aircraft or group. Our set tours are based on two people per aircraft and sharing accommodation but this is not a fixed requirement.

Your inclusions will be as specified in your itinerary.
Standard inclusions are: Aircraft hire, accommodation, licence conversions, flight planning, Pilots EFB, aircraft equipment, scenic and cultural ground based tours and meals where specified.

Yes of course! Our trips are designed for anyone who enjoys flying and travelling. You can fly with a friend who is a pilot in his or her aircraft. Pilots can also request a guide pilot to fly with and assist them.

Our tours operate all year, but we recommend flying the more Southerly routes during the hotter months (November to March) and Central (Outback) to Northern routes in the cooler/drier months (April to October)

We have a choice of aircraft to suit your preference and your experience. Piper Warrior, Archer, Arrow and for more experienced pilots the Cherokee six and Cessna 206.
We have several tours to choose from under the Tours link at the top of the page. Each tour is designed to provide you with a great variety of sights both in the air and on the ground. Each tour will provide you with a unique insight into the life and people living on this vast continent.
After we have finalised your holiday and you have chosen a date of departure
we require a deposit of $2500 (Australian Dollars) per person to secure your aircraft and accommodation for your tour dates.
Once the deposit is paid we will begin announcing to all of Australia that you are on your way and they will gladly suggest you stay at their place!
Once you have confirmed your dates and paid your deposit, the aircraft is reserved and all your accommodation will be booked, therefore the deposit is non-refundable.
50% Payment is required 90 days before departure.
100% Payment is required 45 days before departure.
If you organise your own group of pilots (and passengers if you like) we can offer you a group discount for the tour. Ask us for a Group quote when you contact us.


How do I navigate around Australia?

Included in your tour is a Tablet device (Apple/Android) which will contain the best Australian VFR Navigation Software available (CASA approved Electronic Flight Bag).

You will also receive paper maps, charts and visual flight guides.

Your entire flight will be flight planned for you on the device which we provide and will be mounted in the aircraft. Our EFB is a full moving map program which uses the best VFR/IFR maps available in Australia.

As part of our service we will do all your flight planning for you and you can make changes enroute if required.

Your device will include a 4G data card to enable you to upload weather reports, Notams, winds and weather radar (where available)

  •  Moving map
  • Live Traffic and Weather
  • ‘Drag and Drop’ Flight planning
  • All airfield charts
  • Terrain maps
  • Live ‘active Restricted Areas’
  • Additional Goodies

    Why not add some fun flying experiences to your Aussie holiday?

    • Warbirds (Formation flying, aerobatics, dog-fighting)
    • Bush strip skills training
    • Helicopter scenic flights
    • Paragliding / Hang-gliding
    • Seaplanes
    • Tiger Moth Scenic Flights
    • Hot-air Ballooning
    • Tail-dragger training
    • Gyrocopters
    • Tandem sky-diving

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