Want to go on a flying safari?


farm station light aircraft dirt runway
Meeting the locals after landing at a farm station

So, you have a pilot’s licence, and you enjoy flying light aircraft but are still wondering what a flying safari is?

Perhaps you have joined a group of like-minded club members or pilot friends and flew away to another airfield, which was a lot of fun.

And you enjoy travelling on holiday to new places but usually by bus or car or boat, and following the traditional tourist routes, possibly joining the crowds to see anything, right?

Well, a flying safari lets you combine your love for flying and holiday travel and turn the whole thing into the best adventure you have ever experienced.

Flying to a new airfield is a great aviation challenge, as there is navigation, terrain, weather, and new runways to put those three wheels down on safely. But most GA pilots then fly back to where they started. But what if you continued flying away, adding 3, or 4, or 12 days more flying and 1000’s of miles of exploring to your trip?

Now this is starting to feel like an adventure, with new sights, new destinations, new challenges each and every day. And with each new day your piloting skills are just getting better and better. You start to feel one with your aircraft, your checks and procedures flow more smoothly, your landings get more precise and far more enjoyable.

Now what if we add a far-away land to this story. One with ancient history and unique wildlife, horizons further than you can imagine, gorgeous beaches and red sand deserts.

Tour group in front of Uluru
Sunset at Uluru

What if we added dirt runways in the bush and landings on islands to explore ocean reef’s? What if all the details and the planning was done for you, so you just have to fly and explore and be amazed at what our great earth has to offer.

Well, the great southern land down-under, Australia, is where all this magic happens.

Hamilton Island

Sky Australia is a specialist aviation tour operator based in Sydney Australia. For years we have been thrilling pilots, friends and families with our complete packaged Flying Safaris.

This is the experience pilots never knew they were missing until they ventured into the Outback. Our customers from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Thailand, New Zealand and many more continue to reminisce about the incredibly diverse and exciting time they experienced on their tour with us.

Pilots in Cockpit
Making memories

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